HealthCap Digital Annual Report

HealthCap is an insurance and risk management provider for senior living communities. As a progressive and forward thinking organization, HealthCap decided to forgo their traditional printed annual report and move to a more engaging, interactive digital report.

They needed the report to be more than just a static website with “print-like” content. They wanted to demonstrate their commitment to being forward thinking and innovative to customers.

The digital annual report needed to completely tell their story, and align with their brand in a way that caught the attention of their target audience.

As long term partners of HealthCap, we started this project with intimate knowledge of the organization and brand. We were able to focus our design discovery on learning more about the target market and mindset of those reading the annual report. What excites them? What do they care about? What do they want to know?

We researched other digital annual reports to build a library of ideas and inspiration from which to draw.

For the past three years, we’ve crafted a new, unique digital annual report. Each has a different tone and message to keep users informed and engaged and maintain freshness.

Not only is the digital annual report a hit with HealthCap’s target market, we’ve reduced the overall costs of the annual report significantly by eliminating the need to create printed booklets. It’s a twin win, in both messaging and bottom-line savings.

High School Sports Video is a digital news content provider and website focused on the entire state of New Jersey in a hyper-local manner. News, weather, sports, entertainment, politics and other aspects of life in the state receive extensive coverage. A key focus for is high school sports.

The parent company, Advance Publications, wanted to explore new revenue generating opportunities and highlight local sports videos. An agreement was in place with a video provider for high school sports footage.

So needed a custom application with a user-friendly design and interface that would work on multiple devices and smoothly integrate with third-party APIs, such as Gigya and Piano.

We developed a custom PHP application from scratch, with Javascript layered on top. (Translation: we made sure all visuals, photos, graphics and text worked beautifully everywhere.)

We then closely integrated this with LocalLive for video delivery, Gigya for user management, and Piano for handling subscriptions. We used the LL API to build a custom video clip editor tool. This allowed users to easily save and share clips of videos they selected.

To promote all the new high school sports video capabilities, we created a custom visual layer – based on branding and design research – to best appeal to the target audience of parents, family members, friends, coaches, and the players themselves.