IMI Precision Engineering

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Background Project Overview

IMI Precision Engineering needed a way to reach their niche target audience. They have an innovative technology that solves a common problem, only their target audience doesn’t know it exists. With an extremely large company site they were having difficulty building awareness to the products in question.


The Design Our Solution

To solve these problems we designed two micro sites showcasing the innovative products, use cases and case studies. Each site consisted of a single targeted landing page giving users an easy way to consume all relevant information about the products without having to hunt through a larger site.

To build awareness around the products we optimized the sites for organic search, setup targeted pay per click campaigns and advertised on Linkedin. To track performance we setup a robust analytics system tracking key actions and measuring return on investment.



Conversion Rate


average time on site


First page search rankings


Leads Generated

The Results

Of our work with IMI Precision Engineering