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HealthCap is a general and professional liability insurance company owned and governed by the long term care providers they insure. HealthCap provides liability insurance products, risk management services, and accredited education to nursing homes, assisted living facilities, and continuing care retirement communities.

Every year HealthCap has an annual meeting where they host their insurance brokers, thanks them for being a customer, and give them an update on the progression of the industry.

HealthCap needs a printed annual report that captures their key messages from the conference and creates a positive brand impression in the eyes of their customers.

We’ve designed the annual reports for over five years and counting.

Working closely with HealthCap’s marketing department, each year we identify a unique new theme that will matches the new narrative and keeps the report fresh.

As the report is more than just a story, we work closely with HealthCap’s analysts to produce detailed metrics and graphs to ensure we’re painting the complete picture.