What was once unpleasant, is now delightful HealPay Technology Interface Design

HealPay is the leading digital payment platform for the debt collection industry. This innovative company has revolutionized the way companies and people manage debts and payments.

HealPay came to us because they wanted to take the edge off of paying off your debt. Typically this is an unpleasant process, filled with negative phone calls, sending out checks, and getting warning letters in the mail.

HealPay changes all that by providing easy to use, online tools for consumers to track and pay their balances. Only, the interface wasn’t up to their standards. They wanted an interface that was seamless and actually enjoyable to use… while seemingly small, they saw this as a way to improve peoples lives, even if for a moment.

We started with our rigorous design discovery process where we researched the HealPay brand, their user base and established conventions within the industry.

To quickly explore design directions and different workflows, we held a paper prototyping workshop with the core HealPay stakeholders.

The strongest concepts were turned into detailed wireframes where we worked with the HealPay team to fine tune the details and arrive at the final design approach.

The icing on the cake was layering on visual design, turning the once bland interface into an easy to use, delightful design.

As a result HealPay’s support efforts were reduced and transaction volume increased!