Making an unpleasant experience far more pleasant

HealPay Technology Interface Design

HealPay is the leading digital payment platform for the debt collection industry. This innovative company has revolutionized the way companies and people manage debts and payments. They offer consumers valuable incentives and payment options that effortlessly increase collections for clients through smarter technology.

HealPay contacted us because they wanted to further advance the ease and simplicity they provide for consumers wishing to pay off debts. Traditionally, this has been an unpleasant process, filled with negative phone calls, receiving warning letters in the mail, and requiring manual payments via check or money order.

HealPay changes all that by providing simplified, streamlined online tools for consumers to track and pay their balances. But before they came to us, their old interface wasn’t living up to this vision of ease and friendliness. They wanted to create a user experience that was non-threatening, seamless, and even enjoyable to use. HealPay viewed this transformation as a critical advance in online collections; a way of shining a much more pleasant light on what was usually considered a challenging situation.

We started with our rigorous design discovery process where we researched the HealPay brand and their user base, and came to understand established conventions within the industry.

To quickly explore design directions and different workflows, we held a paper prototyping workshop with core HealPay stakeholders. The strongest initial concepts were turned into detailed wireframes. These were then tested and, in conjunction with HealPay experts, we fine tuned logistics and content before incorporating all elements into a new interface.

Finally, through smarter design thinking, we crafted a very pleasing-yet-practical graphics layer that made interacting with HealPay much more enjoyable, along with adding greatly improved functionality. Results included significantly reduced “help” requests from consumers, increases in transaction volumes, and improved payment compliance.