Taking the internal, external HealPay Technology Graphic Design Web Design

HealPay is the leading digital payment platform for the debt collection industry. This innovative company has revolutionized the way companies and people manage debts and payments.

A successful start-up, they’ve quickly outgrown their original design identity system. The concept behind the logo no longer represented who they were and their marketing materials lacked the consistency required to maximize brand exposure.

HealPay came to us to help guide them towards a brand refresh, looking for an updated logo, new visual language and cohesive sub-brand logos.

We started with our Double Helix brand discovery process which allowed us to distill and identify the core brand attributes that set HealPay apart in the industry.

Once we knew their unique value proposition, we explored a range of different design approaches that would communicate said value. We worked closely with HealPay to iterate through these concepts, landing on a new visual metaphors that would power all marketing materials moving forward.

We redesigned the logo, extended the new language to their print collateral and designed multiple sub-brands to represent their core product lines. Finally we redesigned their website, delivering a redesigned and cohesive brand identity.