You are the weakest link

Its no pick nick running a company, and after you get to a particular size you just have to accept the fact that you simply won’t please everyone. Hell, some companies have made a killing despite pissing off everyone (*cough* microsoft *cough*). Despite the fact that you will get the clients/customers who simply don’t understand, who are can’t be pleased, who are not worth the hassle; damn it, you have to at least try.

Your extensions, are you

I herd a smart man once say that everything about you and your company is part of your brand, down to how your receptionist answers the phone. I forget who said this however, apparently I am not as smart. That means that down to the smallest job in your company, that person reflects your company. You think dell outsourcing their technical support overseas effected their brand? Oh dear god it did…

Embody the brand

So its easy to conclude that making sure everyone who represents you and your company, understands the message you want to convey. However this is not enough, they actually have to care as well; which is much harder. That comes down to hiring the right people, and when you are hiring for a customer support position that pays ten cents an hour… well it’s hard to find people who really care.

Real life experiences? I think so

Of course there is a real life experience that goes along with this rant. E-bay, the cesspool of online shopping has a policy where if you pay via paypal and have a dispute about an item that is not as describe in an action, it’s paypal’s problem not theirs. Yeah yeah, they are owned by the same people, I don’t care.

Paypals solution is to give the seller an opportunity to refund your money if you ship it back to him, as long as you cover the shipping. What?? I won’t go into the level of retardation that forces buyers who are ripped off to pay to ship back an item they DIDN’T buy… because it gets better.

Paypal gives you a set number of days to enter in a shipping number to prove that the item is being returned. They tell you a day that the shipping info must be submitted to their review team, what they don’t tell you is that it has to be done before the hour that the case was opened. IE: If the case was opened at noon, you better get that shipping information in by noon.

Ok, so of course the easy solution is not to wait till the last minute. However as a business owner I hardly have time to ship back items I didn’t buy, so it took me a while. Of course after I shipped it back, I came home only to find that the case had already been closed, no refund granted, and I had already paid to ship the item back to the seller.

umm…… shiiiiiiiiiit….

No problem right? Just call paypal

Big problem apparently. The woman who answered the phone was about as much help as falling down the stairs. She claimed all I could do was e-mail an appeals department, stating several times that it didn’t matter if they didn’t give an hour deadline, there was an hour deadline. She even went so far as to laugh at my puzzled and frustrated reaction.

Like anyone, I asked to speak with a manager. To her response, “Our managers don’t take calls. They don’t have phones.”

Your managers don’t have phones? I am sorry, didn’t paypal offer $100 million dollars worth of rebates over the holiday season? and they can’t give their managers a PHONE?

Persistence is key?

I insisted on talking to someone else, despite claims that everyone would give me the same story. When I was finally transfered to someone else, who may or may not have been a manager, they reversed the judgment right away after noticing I was a seven year customer of paypals.

So you might be wondering how I can change a discussion about branding and employees into a rant about how paypal has shitty customer support people? I dunno, but I also don’t care! Makes things easy.