What will be our Internet? Google knows…

It has been a while since I posted, so I felt I should throw what has been on my mind lately (even though it is more hypothetical, rather than an informative article). Over the weekend I spent some time with Nicole’s grandfather and aunt – and the almost unanswerable question came up “What does your company do?”

I am sure all online professionals have struggled to explain one time or another, and this instance was no exception. While I never TRUELY answered the question it did start an interesting discussion of explaining WHAT exactly the Internet was.

In trying to comprehend, questions such as “How does the Internet know the answer to my questions”, “How many googles are there?”, and “Do you pay for Google?” make me consider what sort of technological advances will confuse the living hell out of me when I am in my 70’s.

The vast spread of the Internet no doubt was fueled by the quick and easy way to publish and access information. Learning, writing papers, and publishing your work will never be the same. Since this information exchange was the fuel for the Internet boom – it is not unlikely that the next life changing technology will be again based on the spread of information.

What will it be? I have no clue – but I suspect it will be more than the Internet becoming a larger part of our lives. Yes we will use it more frequently and in different manors, such as cell phones, appliances, TV, automotive, etc…

The need of offices will no doubt dwindle – services and products will come to you, rather than vice versa. This will not only save on gas usage, but also decrease the reliance on cars. I would not be shocked if a revolution in the shipping industry is found to accommodate this new demand. Already the growth of online shopping and eBay has generated a new wave of customers.

The idea of “virtual reality” has been kicked around for some time, and some basic simulations have been created – however this in terms of information really communicates very little beyond some sensory stimulation. You might be able to obtain more knowledge about a place by standing in a virtual world vs seeing a picture, but it is not the jump that will be considered the big change.

While I have a better idea of what won’t be the “next Internet” than what it might be – You can be sure that Internet giant “Google” has a good idea. Google has made leaps upon bounds to become the one source for information on the Internet. They have their foot in the door (if not majority market share) for web page based information, maps, 3D satellite images, E-mail, Online Books, User Groups, videos, plus the list continues to grow.

They have a plan and they are working on it as we speak, we just don’t know what it is yet.