Web Design Tweaking

Pual Boag often mentions that sites shouldn’t always simply be redone or redesigned. He states that a natural part of a website design is to grow and improve over time.

I felt it was time for some growth and tweaking on this site. After submitting it to (a CSS gallery site), I got a nice e-mail from the site admin saying that sIFR was causing some overlapping problems and there was a few bugs in IE. At that point I decided it was time to remove sIFR completely from my site. While I will miss the nice smooth text that sIFR provided, and it is an incredibly powerful tool, it caused too many problems on a liquid three col site where resizing and narrow passages of text are possible. It is now listed on, so take a look!

After removing sIFR, I decided that I didn’t really like the look of non-antialiased headlines of Verdana. So I tried shuffling around a few fonts, and to my surprise landed on Georgia! Since this design is supposed to be a magazine/publication/website hybrid it visually fits the model quite well.

My old title of the site no longer fit the theme, so it was time to alter that a bit. I decided on a cleaner elegant look, yet still keeping some of the grunge of the original banner with some very high contrasting white paint splotches. Overall I like the new look, and I am happy where it ended up. I think I will still clean up the banner a bit, but for now all is copasetic.