Web Design Review –

Screenshot of Phiaziz

Earlier last week, Phaziz was submitted through my CSS Gallery, and I am glad it was.

This is a perfect example of “less can be more.” Now I hesitate to definitively say “less is more” because in some cases “more is more.” That is to say you can get so simplistic that it takes away from the design and makes a site hard to use. This is often the case on the internet, where you have a site that could very well have tons of great features, but to find and use them is difficult to the point of rendering them useless.

At the same time you must refrain from cluttering up a page so much that everything is screaming at the user and it becomes hard to focus and read the content on the page. Everything is demanding your attention, preventing a user from devoting their attention to any one piece of content.

Phiaziz balances a simple high contrast design, with easy to find features and high quality hierarchy. For those browsing at the most popular resolution – 1024×768 entering the site feeds you with the most important information in a clear and structured method. The logo (branding), navigation so you can see what is on the site and easily access it, and the latest blog entry – perfect because the site is in fact a blog.

Scrolling down a user is able to see the latest three blog entries, and then browse through a section of links, comments and even older entries. The simplicity of the design, layout, and structure is beautiful.

The color scheme is simple mirroring the structure, almost black and white but highlighted with rhythmic gray lines and splotches of vibrant orange. All tying the site together.

Great work, and demonstration in the art of simple is beautiful on the web.