We as web developers need to be creative in our messaging…

I have noticed a trend over the last few months (maybe longer) in relation to a lot of web design / development companies and their messaging. While maybe it would be in my best interest to shut my yapper instead of offering advice, it irks me too much to sit silently.

I am constantly reading taglines or USP (unique selling positions) of web companies that sound something like this: “We create attractive websites that are usable and easy to update.” Sure it gets hashed into several different ways of saying the same thing, but it is very uninspiring.

Easy to Manage / Easy to Update – This means either you are creating the site in CSS or with a CMS. Well in this day in age that really is not a benefit. Most developers are using CSS, Standards, and a CMS. You are not going to win anyone over by saying that you do that.

Attractive / Beautiful Websites – This is a hot topic, yet thousands of great designers are out there and guess what most of them are better than you (and me, I fully understand my place/level in the design world.)

Think about a more powerful selling position, like “We create websites that move the needle.” Who wouldn’t want a website that had measurable business results? Focused more on design, “We design sites that make a profound impression.” Much more inspiring isn’t it?

Really think about what you have that is an advantage to your company/freelancing compared to your competition
and develop an exciting tag line based on that.