The need for inspiring projects

Running a small design firm it is easy to get spread thin trying to appease as many facets of business yourself in an effort to keep overhead down. Because of this the tendency is to lose site of why you started design in the first place, design itself. The focus becomes about growth, success, networking, efficiency, each project becomes “another project” instead of “a new project.”

Because my business model focus’ on customer retention over customer acquisition, this seems to multiply itself. Branding and consistency is important, so advertisements, postcards, websites, all start to feel and look the same.


When an exciting and fun project comes along it seems to re energize my love for the web and interactive design. I was lucky to work on two sites run by a company that is like non I have ever seen before. Professional Communications, Inc, pioneers of I-Opt (organizational development/engineering) is a creative, unique, and different. Every meeting is full of new and inspired ideas, and honestly is fun.

This simple interaction and collaboration between two creative companies was enough to spring me back to the heart of the business, again loving the technology and possibilities that web design allows.


Such inspiring projects seem to be the ones that teach us the most. These projects in particular allowed me to come to the realization that such an environment of creativity and open suggestions really results in the best product for the client, and the best portfolio piece for the designer. Like many industries, web designers are often “steered” by clients who know what “they” want and have little to no concern about what the “clients” want. This concept is something that I have been discussing with my clients since the start of these projects late last year.

The Sites