Superbowl Commercial, Audi R8 commercial

The Audi R8 commercial mimicking the Godfather did a good job of presenting the attitude of the luxury sports car, while still being entertaining. An unsuspecting sleeping man in a mansion wakes to find his hands covered in motor oil, pulling away his sheets he sees the “head” of his car. Cut to the front of the mansion where a slick Audi R8 revs a few times before driving away.

I am not exactly sure what Audi is looking to do with this commercial from a brand perspective, it does give the car a “badass” feel. Maybe claiming that the car is a mobster in its own right? Ready to decapitate the older weaker cars.

While it might seem like a risk to base the commercial off of an older movie when the audience might be younger, a quick search of IMDB shows that the Godfather was released in 1972. My guess is the target market of a luxury sports car like the R8 is of the baby boomer generation who loved the Godfather movies, not someone in their twenties who may have never even seen it.