Startup Weekend Ann Arbor, Day 1

Startup weekend is a new “type” of event that has been popping up here or there. The concept is simple, get forward thinking entrepreneurial together for in a dank, hot and sweaty basement for an entire weekend and see what will come out of it. Hopefully the result is more than putrid smells and dilated pupils. However I have yet to hear the results of any other Start-up weekend so only time will convince me otherwise at this point.

Being somewhat of a serial entrepreneur myself (although admittedly not a great one) it was hard to resist the thought of coming to start up weekend and see what two cents worth of contribution I could add to a group.

My initial thought of what the weekend would be is drastically different than explained however. While I originally envisioned a wonderfully dry weekend of being walked through the official steps of how to start a business (incorporating, legal documents, etc) it turns out it is more of a “come up with ideas, join a group, and do what ever the frack you want.” Fair enough…

We had a massive pitching session (35 entries), which ranged from simple but genius ideas, to ideas I didn’t understand in the least bit (not sure if that is my fault or theirs, you be the judge) to incredible ideas that are probably too big and great for a 3 day weekend marathon.

Afterword’s we convened into the groups that interested us, and were sent off to do what ever the hell we wanted too in order to build a company. That was day one…