Some of us need help writing (me?)

Any frequent reader of my blog has likely figured out that when it comes to grammar, punctuation, and spelling… well I need the help. I have always been of the opinion that some people are good at the technical details (we call them editors), and others know how to formulate sentences in a manner that reads well (we call them the creative fun people, honestly!).

I have always placed myself in the latter category. That is bot to give myself more credit than I deserve, I am really biasing this off of other people who have told me my writing while grammatically horrific is interesting and entertaining.

Since so much of my business involves writing, and I feel I can formulate the sentence in a way that sounds good, I often head up writing myself rather than hire or outsource it. Well I found a resource that has been helpful to me, especially now that I have begun to write a book.

A website called writers circle has helped me enormously in my book development thus far. The site is essentially a forum of those looking for and offering help when it comes to writing, both in the creative and technical aspects. The problem with referring your writing to friends/family is that there always is some prejudgement of those that know you. One of the major benefits I have discovered is the fact that the members are honest (while remaining nice).

This really becomes a lesson in all walks of life, as support groups can be an essential way to better development as long as you can trust the advice that comes out of them. This not referring to the typical personal support groups (AA, divorce, etc) but also developing and running business related support groups.

Regardless if you need assistance with writing, creativity, copy, or editing is worth a venture.