Snippet: Mobile First is History Repeating

As a fan of Jakob Neilsen and a skeptic of the “every design should be responsive” methodology, I have been frustrated with the criticism of Neilsen’s stance on mobile websites. Recently I published my thoughts on the two sides (mobile specific websites and responsive design) hoping to cultivate a discussion on mobile design and why Neilsen might be right. To my disappointment, few noticed or cared. I wrote it off, assuming I was overly fanboyish of Neilsen or too critical of responsive design.

Today I came across a beautifully written piece by James Young titled “Mobile First is History Repeating.” James sentiments mirror my own, specifically that Neilsen does more research than anyone else in the industry and Responsive Design is not a silver bullet. I highly recommend you read it, as James is more eloquent than I and makes several points I missed.