Oh god… someone stop me.

Yes, my previous two designs were up collectively for less than a few days. I think I have a problem…

Looking at my previous design which I like as a design, but not as MY design, nor my BLOG design. It was too zen, tropical, dark, all of which are things I am not.

Part of the problem is that I am not exactly sure what my own image is at the moment, so I decided to try and go minimalistic. However it took me several scratched concepts and ideas to even come up with with.

I would come up with a design and decide it looks too much like “so and so’s” design, I would come up with another that I liked but I didn’t identify with. I was so stumped I ran to the book store and spent two hours looking through design books looking for some sort of inspiration or design concept that just hadn’t hit me yet.

I ran out of time before anything could hit me, but I left with a book on typography and headed to a meeting roughly 30 minutes away from me. Arriving early, I read maybe two pages of the book before I started sketching out ideas on a scrap piece of paper, and voila… this design was born.

Minimal, vibrant colors, focus on typography, and I get to keep my red and shadow guy!

I also have set a cap on me redesigning this site until after december. If I don’t like it by next year, hopefully I will have come up with a worthwhile idea that will stick, or stopped designing all together and won’t have to worry about it.

I still need to tweak some area’s (like the comments section, and the category sections) but I am going to focus on contributing information to the blog instead of “throwing paint” at it.