New Design, Revolution not Evolution…

Yup, I scrapped my previous design for a super clean “whitespace” design. I still have a lot of tweaking to do, but I like how it came out overall. My main goal was readability, since I am using this blog more to talk about issues and post articles than showcase my design abilities or ideas.

Larger Fonts,Less Clutter, More specific color highlights all work to create a more legible surface.

Coupled with the new design I decided that “Tagging” was ultra-hip, and that I should jump on that bandwagon just like every other one I shamelessly follow. Unfortunetly for me the tagging plugin I am using seems to break if I try and customize it how/where it renders. Guess I will have to look into Ultimate Tag Warrior a little closer.

One deep dark secret behind my desire to add tagging is the *gasp* seo benifit. Not only do I have some keywords as catagories, I also have them in the tags again – bumping my keyword density up, and creating relevant subjects/catagories for my page through the eyes of the search engines.

It needs more testing and tweaking of course, but I like how its coming thus far.