Menu / Meal Planner –

Having just read the great book “Call To Action” and now working with local online menu planning website, I have been thinking a lot about landing pages and how the “CSS Gallery” method of design might be missing the boat.

The popular method of design now days is with out a doubt, the high impact, dramatic, look that you see in so many CSS Galleries. However Call To Action preaches more text than graphics, use more in text links, and pay heavy attention to headlines.

Now Russ Blessings site closely follows the “Call To Action” method, very little graphics, more about the features benefits, what you get, why you should get it. And the page converts… well. Part of it might be the quality of the product, screw fancy dramatic graphics, the application simply does the best job out there at what it does. Anyone who is interested enough to make a trial will be impressed enough to convert.

However would a fancy landing page improve conversions? Well there is only one way to find out. I will be improving the landing page and split testing with the existing one. I want to see if a slick interface and maybe some better choice of stock photography would actually increase conversion rate… or maybe it is irrelevant?