It is time to develop systems

In the past few years of owning a business I have learned that no matter what you do, you can improve on it by developing a system. Think about what you do every day, and really break down all of the details. Think about which tasks have a system or which you do simply by starting and moving to what logically feels like it fits next.

These tasks that you just hop from one stage to the next take up an exorbitant amount of time over the period of a year. Every time you delay to consider what to do next, or simply move to what FEELS like the next step instead of KNOWING what the next step eats up time. Whether it is opening photoshop and starting a design, or contacting a prospect when ever it pops into your head, you could achieve better results if you were to develop a system. These system will allow you to work quicker, and produce a higher quality of work.

It sounds simple, and really it is. A system provides two major advantages to the traditional “plow ahead with out thinking” method of doing work. First you no longer have to think about the process. This might sound like a matter of milliseconds, however studies show that it takes substantial amounts of time to figure out the best way to approach the situation rather than diving into what you already know what to do. Secondly, it allows you to improve on the process. Effort that previously would have gone towards remembering the process you did last time can be spent on figuring out how you could do it better.

It is hard to realize how much time/effort is used up in simply planning out your next stage of action rather than just acting. With that system you now will act as planned, and have more energy/time to spend on improving the process rather than reinventing it.

This might seem like an off topic for web design/marketing related blog, however it really is quite applicable. It occurred to me while planning the internet marketing solution for a local Ann Arbor Family Attorney. If I were to plan out a base set of effective solutions rather than try and create an unnecessary custom plan for each client I could spend MORE time to develop better systems for everyone. Seems like a win/win right?

Really this is only one situation where it is beneficial, it applies to all situations. You would be shocked at how often people waste time with unnecessary work/thought rather than moving forward.