Introducing “Today In Design”

I find that staying educated and current is one of the more challenging and exciting parts of being a web designer or developer. One of the great aspects of this industry is the community and amount of knowledge that is being shared every day. It is this enthusiasm and quest to learn more that has allowed the web to advance at such a fast and exciting pace.

Due to the nature of the industry and vast range of contributors to it, it can often be hard to find and monitor the great content that is being published. I used to find myself hunting through countless different websites and RSS feeds, trying to ensure I didn’t miss any valuable information, articles or techniques. Even trying to sort through them in an RSS reader is more difficult than it should be.

So to try and make finding the best web design news easier, we have launched Today In Design. Today In Design aggregates the most popular design articles from sources such as delicious, digg, design bump, etc… additionally it pulls in hand selected news articles from sources such as CSS Globe and Design Newz.

Any feedback or suggestions would be more than welcome.