Free autography copy of Join The Conversation by Joseph Jaffe

I had the privilege to talk to and hear Joseph Jaffe give an excellent presentation last night about his new book, “Join the Conversation” and how companies need to move away from traditional marketing and move into conversational marketing.

For those of you participating in marketing, as marketers yourself or as a company/entity you owe it to yourself to look into this new way to connect to consumers in a real and sincere way. We are at a point in marketing where advertising is the least trusted medium available, yet you still want to tell consumers what sorts of products you are offering.

So I am giving away one of my free copies of Joseph Jaffe’s book, and it won’t take much to get it:

I would like to get some comments of stories of readers who have been part of a conversation around a product/service, joined a conversation around a product/service, or otherwise engaged in conversational marketing. I will then be writing a blog post regarding this experiment and finding and post it on Jaffe’s join the conversation blog.

The best example of conversational marketing will receive the free copy of Jaffe’s book!

Thanks for your perticipation