Co-working and co-living

I just finished reading a book called “The Four Hour Work Week” which details how anyone can change their life from one dedicated to endless work and the 9-5 to going on “mini-retirements” across the world while still getting the same amount of work done. I admit this sounds impossible, but after reading the book I am a bit of a believer.

Obviously the tail is more glamorous than the actual methods required to perform such a lifestyle change, but it all is obtainable. The book really talks about developing systems to minimize the amount of input that you need to contribute to your job and to develop systems to allow you to accomplish tasks remotely.

The former takes work but is much easier, such as developing a FAQ, having online help, or an auto responder pointing people in the right direction for answering their own questions when you are unavailable. The later becomes a little tricky, especially when you are dealing with servers that people rely on or you store your files on personally.

I considered all sorts of remote access or storage solutions ranging from standard windows VPN to network hard drives, but stumbled upon an easy and elegant solution.

RemotePC provides remote access services that let you log in and control your office/server/business computer from anywhere with an internet connection. It can be a challenge making sure that remote workers are working to their best too, so we have been using some remote employee productivity monitoring software which has enabled us to improve productivity very nicely.

Plans are pretty reasonable starting at $4.95 a month, well worth the opportunity to take a mini-retirement to Italy for a few months eh?

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