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The Inovo Group is a strategic innovation consulting firm that connects technologies and people to drive accelerated growth. Their clients include many large multinational companies, and every aspect of their business is focused on innovation: from digital transformation innovation to operational innovation and beyond. Through their proprietary methodology and approach, they help big brands identify promising opportunities for disruptive growth.

The Inovo Group reached out to us after their most recent website redesign failed to generate substantial leads and the bottom-line benefits they’d expected.

We began with our rigorous design discovery process, including developing personas for core customers, a competitive audit, identifying a brand archetype, and mapping the buyer’s journey.

Insights gained from the research process lead to a realigned brand identity system, a results-oriented content strategy, and streamlined site architecture.

Using the buyer’s journey as a guide, we crafted the website design to speak to the mindset and pain points of their target audience, while clearly communicating what makes Inovo different and better than competitors.

We worked closely with Inovo to define several conversion points that could create a relationship, even if the user wasn’t yet in a position to make a buying decision.

And talk about bottom-line benefits: the redesigned website generates more leads in one month than the previous site did in an entire year!


Increase in Leads


Increase in Time on Site


Increase in Organic Search Traffic


Increase in Conversion Rate