Ann Arbor Event, Troy Event – Become a Leader

For those who attended the Seth Godin event, you know how well the Connect Ann Arbor events turn out. You have another opportunity to network, learn, and be entertained.

Do you run a small business, large business, or team? Ever want to be a leader? This your chance. Famed U of M coach Bo Schembechler had a way with leadership that simple is inspiring. Author John U Bacon has written a book teaching the leadership skills and tactics from Bo’s career so that you too can become a powerful and successful leader.

The Details

Learn the principles of Leadership as taught by UM Football Coach Bo Schembechler August 28 AT Zingerman’s roadhouse & Automation Alley

John U Bacon, Author and Speaker, speaks to business professionals and UM Alumni at Rob Pasick’s Leaders Connect Event In Ann Arbor and Troy, Michigan

To register online, please visit The Ann Arbor event costs $60, includes a copy of the book and Zingerman’s breakfast. The Troy event costs $40 and includes a copy of the book and light refreshments. Seating is limited for both events.