About my redesign, just incase anyone cares

I am still working out all the bugs (and there are quite a few), but I think functionally and in form this design works much better than my previous one. Hopefully I will like it long enough to keep it around, but I am not going to hold my breath.

Type my man, Type

I decided to focus on type, since this is, after all little more than my daily (weekly?) ramblings. There might be a rare screenshot from time to time, but for the most part it is all the written word. I found a typeface called “Aharoni” that is hint of jazz while still legible. It has some subtle stresses, that make it more interesting than other thick fonts such as impact.

With the release of sIFR 3 I was able to take advantage of Aharoni in places other than the logo and the sidebar images. Now supporting leading (as well as a ton of other great features) it truly is a powerful tool, and worked perfectly with my vision.

More Features

I am trying to load up the site with more regular features, one of them will be site reviews and sites that I dig (as seen on the right column). I plan on reviewing one site a week that I stumble across or is submitted, which will then be inserted into my CSS Gallery. Expect more regular features and columns.

Gotta get it working…

I still have to do some tweaking, the comments don’t load on the front page and my previous posts skip the 5 or so latest (wtf mate?). The Ultimate Tag Warrior plugin doesn’t want to display a tag cloud, and my topics page needs a lot of work. Further the site is not 800×600 compatible, I am going to use some javascript to try and kick it into shape when I get around to it. In the mean time leave me a comment telling me that you love it or hate it, because it’s back to work I go.