9rules network submission round 5

I have read lots of bloggers eagerly awaiting the next round of submissions to the 9rules network. Seems bloggers feel that this might be their chance to be slingshot into blogging stardom. While I do plan on submitting, I am not sweating over it much. Those who are trying to “improve” their blogging content will doubtfully fool anyone, and how much can they really keep up even after being accepted (if they are).

I can’t admit to being a great writer, just looking at my grammar and spelling should be evidence of this. I blog because I like to either rant or an easy method of posting articles that help fellow people in my industries. So for the most part I write as I speak, which ends up neither quality journalism or editorial – but I ask if we have enough of that already?

Blogs are supposed to be personal logs and feelings, twisting your writing beyond what would be your normal style is really doing a disfavor to yourself. We read impersonal articles all day in the news, instruction manuals, and most books. The feeling of learning a little bit more about the person writing is what gives blogs a flair that newspapers and magazines don’t have.

I will be submitting to 9 rules, but I am not changing a damn thing 😉