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Introducing “Today In Design”

I find that staying educated and current is one of the more challenging and exciting parts of being a web designer or developer. One of the great aspects of this industry is the community and amount of knowledge that is being shared every day. It is this enthusiasm and quest to learn more that has allowed the web to advance at such a fast and exciting pace.

Due to the nature of the industry and vast range of contributors to it, it can often be hard to find and monitor the great content that is being published. I used to find myself hunting through countless different websites and RSS feeds, trying to ensure I didn’t miss any valuable information, articles or techniques. Even trying to sort through them in an RSS reader is more difficult than it should be.

So to try and make finding the best web design news easier, we have launched Today In Design. Today In Design aggregates the most popular design articles from sources such as delicious, digg, design bump, etc… additionally it pulls in hand selected news articles from sources such as CSS Globe and Design Newz.

Any feedback or suggestions would be more than welcome.

8 thoughts Introducing “Today In Design”

  1. I agree that we must constantly update our skills to stay in the ring. As a developer i search for sources to constantly update my repertoire. “Today in design” was really helpful.

  2. That’s a good idea. I am with you on the scouring countless blogs, tweets, and RSS feeds to find the valuable information. I could see this being a useful idea for Programming and SEO also!

  3. Innovative idea and well blogging man!!

  4. Great job, idea and design. It’s kind of like alltop.com, but completely different, and made just for designers. I really love it. It’s on my daily go to list!

    I would love a way to promote or demote items (kind of like digg) or maybe even just add a star. Central idea: let other viewers know what *I* think. I’m also interested in hearing their thoughts. I want to know what they consider relevant. The design and implementation is up to you. Another part is WHY they consider it relevant but…

    Comments are another item, if ever considered, and should NOT go on the main page. I would consider that to be clutter some. There could always be a community page link at the bottom to discuss today’s “top” articles (with small links next to the feed items) if they don’t change too often.


  5. Great, but it would be even greater as a rss-feed.

  6. Sheepishly posting my website b/c I’m completely new to design. But I am dipping my toe into into the shallow end becasue I think I have a decent idea for a website.

    Came across 3point7designs in search of some style advice for CSS. I know I like simplicity on websites, I just need to learn how to tweak a template to meet my needs.

    Just a thought for yours… lots of great info here – so have you considered adding a Tag Cloud?

  7. @craig I think that would complicate things a little, the beauty in the page is how simple it is. You can scan through all the headlines in no time and find things you think will be valuable for yourself.

    Also, since the feeds are coming through digg, etc. they are already being “voted” to the page through the other sites.

    Question for Ross, how did you guys come to the decision of adding advertisements to the page since it’s really just an aggregate of information from other sites and nothing you truly own?

    Overall, great idea and great resource for any designer/developer.

  8. I think once you lose that quest to strive forward and learn more, you can easily sink fast and why would you be in the industry if you didn’t want to learn more.

    The web design and development industry is such a fast moving environment to work in, finding resources like ‘Today in Design’ is a great incentive and motivator to learn that extra little bit that will move you forward and ahead of your competitors in such a ‘dog eat dog’ environment.

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