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Another contender in the sIFR / Facelift Typography Arsenal

I came across an interesting tool called Typeface.js today. It appears to be a worth while addition to the sIFR / Facelift “Web Typography Arsenal.” Much like Facelift and sIFR it is javascript based and replaces the plain XHTML text with an embeded custom typeface replacement. In this case it uses the <canvas> element and dynamically generated images to achieve the effect.

It seems to use the PNG image format so it will support transparent backgrounds, however the text is not selectable in most browsers (a feature that sIFR has). What really catches my attention is the capability to use font-stretch support, giving you the ability to render condensed, semi-condensed, expanded, etc font styles.

Additionally it does have some support for line-height and letter spacing, two features that FaceLift doesn’t appear to have at the moment.

If anyone has used it leave some feedback and let us know how it works.

One thought “Another contender in the sIFR / Facelift Typography Arsenal

  1. This is brilliant, I am really quite excited by this. I have been playing around and it’s actually remarkably easy to use. One small note though – it only works for DIVS, so you can’t at the moment use proper semantic markup while using this.

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