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Ever experienced this in the creative process?

Hate to say it but it hits pretty close to home. Anyone else? I have found that the more active I am in explaining and defending design decisions the better the whole process goes, but sometimes you just run into these nightmare situations.

3 thoughts Ever experienced this in the creative process?

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  2. This reminds me of a lot of clients in the past and a lot of experiences at my current job (and current consultation roles in projects).

    It’s an approach that Dave Fleet recently described as “Ready, Fire, Aim” in a post which I completely agreed with.

    Mainly people, corporations and their departments (whether they be designers, the people approaching designers or marketers…whomever really…) FIRE before they TARGET ANYTHING (or think about implications/fallout or *insert word here*)! It’s very true.

    People need to plan, they need to set realistic expectations and they need to think about goals.

    One thing I did notice in the video was that the freelancer had no wrangle on the clients. Designers do need to get a “wrangle” on clients that do what you see here in this video. The consultant needs to be in control at all times of the project. It’s why you/we/whomever is hired after all, right? For OUR expertise.

    I know the video was for comedy purposes; however, it does also hit close to home in a sense. Sometimes client expectations versus ACTUALITY/REALITY needs to be established up front. Goals help with this (and exercises, as you do).

    If they are all over the place, focus needs to be established. If they start to creep off path, the freelancer or company needs to be able to have the “guts,” if you will, to get out the lasso and wrangle them back onto the path of desirable results.

    Otherwise, you have cars crashing at the end of the project. And the client and yourself are back at step one.

    Craig Huffstetler
  3. Your video is “no longer available”…


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