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Proof that Times New Roman can be attractive

I stumbled across this site that uses times new roman effectively. He could have stuck with the tried and true georgia and looked like 99% of the other sites out there but he took a risk and it paid off. Kudos

4 thoughts Proof that Times New Roman can be attractive

  1. I disagree, I think it fits into the design quite well. Georgia, or a san-serif font wouldn’t have the edgy look that the risky all caps times communicates.

    While not quite as elegant as the other example of attractive times new roman, Coudal Partners , it does do it’s job!

    Thanks for the response however.

  2. georgia or arial is always better from the design perspective

  3. I think you missed the point. Did you know that times new roman at 16pt font has been claimed to be the most legible web font?

    Typography is about communicating a message through letter forms, and legibility. That being said there is a possible reason for using ANY typeface.


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