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Blogs I read

I just came back from talking to a group of students over at WCC about running a web design company, daily life of doing web design, and rambled on about plenty of pointless stuff I am sure. One of the questions that asked after my waffling was what blogs I read to stay current.

So here are my favorites

Design / User Experience Related

Front End Coding


Hopefully this is helpful, obviously keeping track of them in an RSS reader is the preferred method!

*EDIT: This is where I got my business cards printed

9 thoughts Blogs I read

  1. I read a lot of those,and now I am subscribing to the rest thanks a ton.

    I would post some that I go to but you listed all the main ones I read also.

  2. No problem Dan! I seem to be adding a new feed to my reader on almost daily. It’s hard to keep up with so much good content being published by new people all the time.

  3. I also read all of those listed, but I also find Google alerts useful. I have about 10 alerts with various phrases that arrive in my inbox each day.

    Of course it means I get a lot of duplicate posts about the same things but every now and then I discover blogs I never would have found otherwise.

  4. Interesting, I have never thought to do that before Andrew. Great tip!

    I have used google alerts before for tracking PR and discussion about specific progress, but using it to find blogs about topics you like is very smart!

  5. I subscribed to most of them, thanks for sharing your bits! Isn’t it a idea to build a ‘link’ page?

  6. yeah, recommended reading would be a good idea. I am thinking about adding more items to the sidebar (such as search lol) and maybe a top 5 reads, with more listed would be helpful to everyone.

    Thanks for leaving some feedback!

  7. Thanks Ross for posting these links! I found your lecture at WCC to be very informative and helpful. Take care,

    Kathleen Zarske
  8. Ross,

    I also enjoyed your presentation to our class and thanks so much for posting these links. I’m graduating this term and was having anxiety about how I would stay up on the ever-changing world of web design once I leave the program at WCC, but your list is really going to help me! Thanks again!

    Karen Dec
  9. Hi Karen and Kathleen – I am glad that my presentation was helpful, and thanks for taking the time to post a comment here.

    Keeping up is hard, but you will find that once you have your knowledge base to build from, learning the weekly tip/trick isn’t all that hard.

    Its the revolutionary changes (such as AJAX) that take a bit more time, but even that isn’t terrible.


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