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I predict the next big web design trend

There are tons of web design trends that are being used, including badges, bursts, reflections, gradients, ruby on rails, AJAX, etc..

However I came across I site that is doing something new, and genius, that no doubt people will be mimicking shortly. Happy Cog has been redesigned by one Jason Santamaria, and instead of typical navigation they decided to use a sentence.

Happy Cog

It is functional elegant, and simple.

Happy Cog is famed Zeldman‘s company. With that much influential clout and such a great idea, you can be sure to expect this practice to show up on many websites from this point forward.

Just when you thought everyone had thought of everyone that could be done on the web.

3 thoughts I predict the next big web design trend

  1. Seems like a very clever and effective idea. I think it would work best on the home page, and continue with standard navigation for the rest of the site.

  2. Good point Dennis. I could see where on a usability level that would get confusing, but as a method for front page navigation it works quite well!

  3. Glad to see that the sentence as navigation is getting attention. Saw your post on the JSM site, and I like your blog design. Very nice…

    FYI – Sentence is misspelled “sentance” in this post.

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