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My new design, 5 hours after my last one….

While I am not positive, I have a good feeling that completely redesigning a site with in a few hours of launching the previous design has to be some sort of record. My previous design had some cool elements but it really didn’t communicate what I wanted it too. Too much comic, too much contrast, too constricting.

I tried too hard to use the red bar, white splat, and 3D man of my previous design. I wanted to create a branding, but eventually decided that my “branding” didn’t really reflect what I wanted it too. So I started from scratch.

What does this brand say? Clam, Peaceful, Serene…

I guess I feel that I am a calm and laid back person. My efforts before to write “controversial” posts are pretty obviously forced. Not to say that I am not passionate (because I am), but with a pathassist approach. I try to convince those with rationality not aggression.

Hopefully this new design communicates that, and hopefully I can write true to my personality.

Typography is important, even on the web

I am adopting elements from Typography applied to the web. Since this design is 90% CSS, with only three images (quite good for me). The use of CSS typography is going to really make or break the design. Hopefully it will be all I need.

6 thoughts My new design, 5 hours after my last one….

  1. That was truly bizarre. I was leaving a comment on another one of your posts, and the whole site changed when I submitted the comment. I thought maybe you had gone to one of those theme randomizers.

    My impression is that I liked your previous design–the one I commented on before about using text to create an overall visual impression. The design just before this one was okay. This particular design just bugs me.

    I don’t like white text on a black background–especially with serifs and small text. Serif fonts are good for giving a kind of old-school, distinguished feel to a site, but only in larger sizes. Also, the color contrast on the links at the bottom isn’t very high.

    It all goes back to your previous post on good design being subjective. In the end, you are the sole arbiter of your site.

  2. Thanks for the input, and it is funny how timing worked out.

    I am still trying to tweak and decide exactly how I want to display the site.

    I have found that lately I am much more attracted to dark sites with white text. Bryan Veloso, Veerle, etc, all seem to do pretty well with dark backgrounds.

    Expect things to shift over the next few days, but I like the color/feel/message of this design so I am determined to make it work.

  3. Try going back to your serif font (Georgia) and switching the font-size up to 99%. It softens the entire effect of the page, removes the glare, makes the serifs work, and even makes the links at the bottom of the page more readable.

  4. I dig the shadow guy. Typeface looks nice. My only suggestion is to add some navigation elements to the top of the page…

  5. I agree with Dennis. I’m liking the look and the use of the shadow guy, but the navigation is non-intuitive. Also, I think that it would be helpful to add some paragraph separation to the comments so they don’t all look like one long paragraph each.

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