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My life as a Rock Star

That’s correct, I consider myself a Rock Star… wanna-be. I often equate making a living (or significant income) through web design/development like being in a band that is equally successful. The reason being is that it sounds like a trendy and unofficial job. “Yes, I develop Web Pages” is just like saying “I am in a band.”

It sounds so unofficial that the average non-business person can’t resist giving me the “People pay you to do that?” face. The situation is no doubt instigated by how easy it is to learn basic HTML and Photoshop, and start a business creating mediocre web pages; not to sound pompus. There becomes a blur between the guys that never really get any significant clients, and those who really design/develop day in and day out. This overlooked view of web design is still shocking considering how much the internet is growing each year. The fact that the web has grown at an alarming rate in such a short amount of time, should put it on the for front of everyone’s mind. When I worry about getting the next client, I am constantly reminded of how quickly everything is moving online. Every business is going to need something beyond a basic brochure site with in the next few years, and I hope to be here to serve them.

Maybe being a web designer as a profession will be viewed in a similar light as a stock broker? We might begin to see a stream of movies about the profession such as…

I think with the growth of the web, and the requirement of advanced design languages (php, ruby, css, etc) it will become a more accepted profression. If not, I hear there is an opening in the Motley Crew Revival tour!

7 thoughts My life as a Rock Star

  1. You definitley sing like a rock star, I can vouch for that. 🙂

  2. maybe, you have to check if this blog of yours renders correctly on different browsers.



  3. Thanks for the heads-up, two issues I see. One was simply adsense causing some rendering problems. Apparently the IE7 javascript is having problem with fixed images too.. moved the javascript call to the end of the content and all seems golden!

  4. I sometimes feel like Chandle Bing from Friends, where nobady know what his job is. When I tell my mates what I do they all stare at me with blank look on their faces.

  5. Exactly! Couldn’t have picked a better TV example.

    “Data processing? I think I know someone who does that?”

    “ME! I do that!” – Chandler

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